Van Leasing

A couple of months ago we were approached by Northern Vehicle Group, NVG, to put together a sales promotion to help launch their product offering to self-employed tradesmen who had either recently set up in business or were about to. The brief was to increase lease sales of light commercial vehicles, but one problem was that budgets were tight which meant we had to deliver something that self-funded, and we did!

Helping Hand is a concept developed by us. It provides companies with sales promotional tools designed to attract sales by rewarding their customers with marketing materials that are useful to their businesses. Our client pays us when they make a sale. It’s a bit risky for us, but we don’t mind that because we have faith in our marketing abilities. The great thing for our client,  it’s low risk for our them and that is innovative in a normally risk-free environment. Marketing budgets have traditionally been bottom-less pits and justifying spend against increased sales can be tricky.  This type of promotion can’t work across all marketing activity, but is perfect where clear objectives, clear product offering and clear reward redemption exist.

The Helping Hand promotion is manageable, transparent and, if successful it’s a win for all parties: Us, our client and the end user – everyone’s happy.

For NVG we put together a promotion with our sister company, Sites43 offers a bespoke web build service with a personal touch. A basic brochure-style website starts from £300 which includes a 12 month domain registration and hosting. The customers’ sites are the property of the customers and can be moved to whichever hosting platform they choose if they are not happy with the hosting on offer. However, we find that at just £80 per year for hosting and domain renewal,  sites43 retains the majority of its customers.

The advantage for NVG is that there is no cost associated to the campaign until a sale has been made. It’s, as we said, manageable, transparent and in this instance, so far successful. We produced the press releases, advertisements and distributed across a number of platforms.

If you want some fresh thinking and interesting sales-driven marketing then contact us to find out a little bit more about Helping Hand or, for that matter, any of our other promotional tools.

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