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Much has been written about the Gig Economy and many firms do appear to be abusing the rules of self-employment to improve their bottom line and shareholder satisfaction. This can mean that many workers who are genuinely employed by a company, are not actually receiving the benefits and protections of an employee.  It’s all the disadvantages of self-employment with none of the advantages of employment.

But that doesn’t mean there is not a large swathe of business that can be done to help your company by using freelance, self-employed contractors or casual workers and it doesn’t mean you have to walk a moral tight-rope if you choose to employ people in this manner. Marketing, for example. It’s something we know a little bit about.  We are happy to be self-employed, we don’t want to be full-time stuck on one brand, it’s suffocating and ultimately doesn’t do your business any good.

Give us a gig, send us a brief and let us get on with what we are good at which is creating an environment that’s great for sales.  You pay us for the gig, no need to for holiday pay, sick pay, employee contributions or pension schemes. Bonuses, we can talk about that!

Hire us, fire us. It’s your call!


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