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The attention span of the average internet user is just 8.25 seconds. After that, unless you have a decent hook, you have lost them. 8.25 seconds, forget the attention span of a gnat, that’s getting into goldfish territory! Which begs the question: how do you maintain the attention of your potential customers? Striking creative is…

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Much has been written about the Gig Economy and many firms do appear to be abusing the rules of self-employment to improve their bottom line and shareholder satisfaction. This can mean that many workers who are genuinely employed by a company, are not actually receiving the benefits and protections of an employee.  It’s all the…

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A Helping Hand.

Van Leasing

A couple of months ago we were approached by Northern Vehicle Group, NVG, to put together a sales promotion to help launch their product offering to self-employed tradesmen who had either recently set up in business or were about to. The brief was to increase lease sales of light commercial vehicles, but one problem was…

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