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The attention span of the average internet user is just 8.25 seconds. After that, unless you have a decent hook, you have lost them. 8.25 seconds, forget the attention span of a gnat, that’s getting into goldfish territory! Which begs the question: how do you maintain the attention of your potential customers?

Striking creative is one way: Standing out from the crowd and being memorable is the holy grail of any marketing campaign. Product/brand recall is vital if you want customers to interact with your product or service. You have therefore got to have something that visually knocks your prospects off their feet, makes their socks roll up and down, but that’s not all.  There’s more, but it’s less!

Less is more: Gone are the days where you can bore people into submission! Good copy is all about hooking the prospect. Pique their interest, give them a flavour of what’s on offer, leave them wanting more.  It’s so easy to click on and delve deeper when the interest is there but never, blow your initial chance to grab attention by over-stating your offer.

Respond quickly: It might sound daft because a sales lead is a sales lead, but how often to you receive a follow-up email which simply says: ‘thanks for your message, we will be in touch as soon as we can.’ By the time you get a real response your prospect has moved on or switched off!

Agencies, like ours, can look at your products and services dispassionately. We are not emotionally involved, we just want to deliver what’s best for you and that, mainly, is leads, sales leads.

If you want to have a fresh set of eyes looking over your marketing activity then send us a brief – tell us where you want to go and we will plan the route that gets you there.

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